Transmission of Science Books to Other Imams

Transmission of Science Books to Other Imams

By Imam Ali’s (`a) constant attempt and Prophet Muhammad’s (s) supervision, prophet hood sciences and religious rules and commandments were recorded in some books, inherited to each of the infallible Imams (`a) and used by them. The infallible Imams (`a) sometimes made reference to these books in their speeches, calling the books ‘Ali’s book’, ‘sahifah’, or ‘jami’ah’.

Various traditions include this fact, some of which are pointed out here:

Abu Maryam has quoted from Imam Baqir (`a), “The jami’ah book is with us (the Prophet’s Ahlul-Bayt). It is a script as long as seventy dhara’[39]; everything is recorded in it even the diyah (compensation) of a scrape on the skin. This book is dictated by Messenger of Allah (s) and hand written by Imam Ali (`a). Another book is owned by us called jafr that is written on a piece of tanned skin. Past, present, and future sciences until the Hereafter are recorded in it.”[40]

Abdullah Ibn Sanan has narrated that Imam Sadiq (`a) said, “There is a piece of skin of seventy dhira’ with us, dictated by Prophet Muhammad (s) and in Imam Ali’s (`a) handwriting. Whatever the people need exists in it, even the

compensation for a scrape on someone’s skin.”[41]

Mu’alli Ibn Khanis has narrated from Imam Sadiq (`a) who stated, “The books were with Imam Ali (`a). When he traveled to Iraq, he entrusted them to Ummi Salamah. After his demise, they were given to Imam Hassan (`a). After Imam Hassan (`a), they were given to Imam Hussayn (`a) and after his martyrdom to Ali Ibn Al-Hussayn (`a), the fourth infallible Imam. After his demise, they were with my father.”[42]

Jabir Ibn Hayyan says that Imam Muhammad Baqir (`a) told him, “O Jabir! By Allah that if we narrated traditions with our own opinion, we were certainly perished. Rather, we state traditions from what we have inherited from Messenger of Allah (s). Just as the people save gold and silver, our fathers have saved traditions to leave them for us.”[43]

Ibn Hayyan considers Ja’far Ibn Muhammad, Imam Sadiq (`a), as a trustworthy narrator, saying, “He is among the nobles of Ahlul-Bayt regarding jurisprudence, knowledge, and virtues; his traditions are reliable. I examined the traditions I narrated from him and found all of them true. I found nothing opposing the reliable traditions in them.” [44]

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