Characteristics of the Imam

Characteristics of the Imam

According to the tradition of Imam Riza (`a), the Imam is a noble personality with the following characteristics:

1.         He is completely away from committing sins; he is infallible.

2.         He has unobtainable sciences, which are granted to him by the Exalted Allah.

3.         He is patient in dealing with the people and fulfilling his duties.

4.         His position is the position of the prophets (s).

5.         He is Allah’ caliph and the successor of the Messenger of Allah.

6.         His government organizes Muslims’ affairs and gives them honor and prosperity.

7.         Islamic rules and commandments are enforced in his government; salat, sawm, zakat, hajj, and jihad. Religious hudud are executed and Islamic country’s boundaries are protected.

8.         The Imamate is steady tree of Islam, whose branches are always spreading in the world.

9.         The Imam is Allah’s trustee and His hujjat for the servants. He invites the people toward Allah and defends Allah’s commandments.

10.     The Imam is a unique person in his own age; no one is like him, nor can anyone reach his position.

11.     The Imam honors Muslims, but angers and perishes the infidel and the heterodox.