The Prophet Confirms Ali’s Scientific Mastery

The Prophet Confirms Ali’s Scientific Mastery

Imam Ali (`a) could acquire all Islamic sciences, teachings, rules, and commandments in Prophet Muhammad’s (s) 23-year mission due to his extraordinary talent, Allah’s support, and the Prophet’s especial attention to him. This way he became the treasurer of prophet hood sciences, as confirmed by the Prophet (s) in various occasions too. The Prophet (s) stated, “O Abal Hassan[33]! You have drunk out of science beverage and you have drunk it much.”[34]

The Messenger of Allah (s) also stated, “I am the house of wisdom and Ali is its door.”[35]

Anas Ibn Malik has quoted from the Prophet, who told Imam Ali (`a), “You will state the truth whenever the ummah has controversy over something after me.”[36]

Salman Farsi has quoted from Prophet Muhammad (s), “Ali Ibn Abi Talib is the most learned one in my ummah.”[37]

Inscription Order

Although Imam Ali (`a) was away from mistakes and forgetfulness in keeping traditions, Prophet of Islam (s) ordered him to write down the sciences the Prophet (s) taught him in a book to be left for next Imams (`a).

Amiral Mu’minin (`a) has quoted, “The Prophet (s) told me, ‘Write down what I tell you.’ I said, ‘O Messenger of Allah! Do you fear that I may forget?’ He said, ‘I am not afraid of your forgetfulness, because I have asked the Almighty Allah to set you as guardian of sciences. But write them down for the Imams from your progeny.’”[38]

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