Green Leaves

Green Leaves

All of us require food and we cannot survive or work without nourishment. Trees and plants prepare food for us. The green leaves of plants are small food-making workshops; they work and produce food for us.

Plants and trees obtain water and minerals from soil through roots and transport them to the leaves through stems.

Carbon dioxide also, which is present in the atmosphere enter the leaves through numerous tiny pores and light and solar energy also heats up the leaves.

At that time, the workshop of green leaves starts working and prepares food with the help of the sun.

Plants produce more food than what is required for their own use; they use some of it and the rest is stored for us.

Sheep and cows also require food and they graze on green grass and feed on grains and produce for us milk, cheese and meat. Fowls also feed on grain and produce eggs and chicken for us.

All animals and beasts are in need of plants and the food of all of them is prepared through green plants. No human being or animal can produce their food without the help of plants. All are in need of plants.

Human beings are in need of plants and animals, and animals require plants and plants require water, soil, carbon dioxide and sunlight to prepare the food.

Now let us see who has created the sun, so that it may shine on the earth and distribute light and energy for the plants to produce food for us. Who has created these systematic and coordinated trees and plants and given to the green leaves the power of producing food?

That wise and powerful being is God, who is all knowing and all powerful.

That wise and powerful creator loves us so much that through foresight He has created everything that we might ever need. We also love Him; we thank Him for His bounties, accept His guidance and follow them – who can guide our life better than Almighty God?