Orderliness and coordination in the world

Orderliness and coordination in the world

Look at a book; it consists of millions of letters and thousands of words, all of them in a proper arrangement. What is the relation between these letters and words? Are they placed haphazardly besides each other without any system? Or they are arranged in a systematic manner?

After you read the book, you conclude that all the letters, words, sentences and different sections of it are perfectly connected to each other and appropriately placed one after another in order to achieve a single aim. These letters and words are arranged in a particular way and each of them has a peculiarity. You will understand well that an aim was followed in arrangement and compilation of these letters and words. You will also realize that the compiler of the book possessed intellect and understanding and was previously aware of his work and he arranged the letters and words with foresight and aim in this particular way; and that he is an expert of his field. In an organized collection, each of its parts is related to others and follows a single aim. Every part is having a particular position and function, that if it is placed in another place or does not perform its function, its job would remain incomplete and the intended aim would not be realized.

Can you have the feeling that it came into being on its own coincidentally without any aim? Can you imagine that an existing being without sense and perception – for example the wind – has pulled the pen across the paper and this book was produced through this process? You can never imagine that the book came into being automatically without an objective and cannot in any way presume that it came into existence through a thing lacking sense and perception and it coincidentally took the shape of this book. Because you know that every phenomenon has an appropriate cause and if someone was to make such a supposition, you would laugh at him and consider his statement senseless. Therefore the presence of the book and systematic arrangement of its words lead us to conclude the following:

Firstly, that the book is having a writer or a compiler.

Secondly, that the writer is wise, intelligent and expert in his field and that he followed a particular aim in his work.

In the same way, every orderly and aimed mechanism leads you to conclude that it has a wise and an aware maker and as much complex that machine, as much would be the capability of its maker.

The great book of creation is also having letters, words and sentences; every existing thing and phenomenon are words and sentences of this great book. Occurrences and phenomenon of the world are not haphazard and random, on the contrary like letters and words of the book; they have order and coordination throughout. In this great book, you would see that in the structure of human body, which is a book of creation, there are hundreds of systematic and orderly mechanisms and in the structure of each of them you would see precision and accuracy. This system is made up of various organs that work in unison. They cooperate with each other and fulfill the needs of each other. Every system of the human body is like a huge workshop. And all these workshops are connected to each other. All the physical organs of man work in order and coordination, so that man can continue to live.

Human body also is unable to survive all by itself. On the contrary, it depends on various other existing things like water, air and different types of nourishments; trees, plants and animals; and also various natural minerals of the earth. He cannot live without them and he is also dependant on the heat and light of the sun, the orderly movement of the earth and the rotation of the days and night and the different seasons.

So much so, that you would say that all of them shape a single real entity in which perfection, organization and compatibility is maintained. Look at this great book of creation; that is this world, carefully and take note of its searching and beautiful words; you would definitely see coordination and system in them. What do you see? You would well understand that this great creation has not come into being by coincidence and without any objective. Senseless and imperceptive Nature could not have brought into existence such a precise system. It cannot write such a meaningful and aimed book. By looking at the world and by understanding its connection and coordination, you would nicely be able to discover its actual cause. You would conclude the world is a creation of a wise and powerful being, who created it with a particular aim and who is also controlling it. You would see this system everywhere; every phenomenon you study, you will become aware of the knowledge and power of the God, creator of the world. And this way of looking and pondering is the best way to recognize God; and it is called as the evidence of order.

Numerous verses of Quran emphasize contemplation on the creation of the earth and the heavens, sun and stars, animals and plants, systematic appearance of day and night, physical development of man, differences of colors, faces and languages in order to discover the creator of the world.