One of the important duties of a housewife is maintaining cleanliness in the house. Cleanliness is the key to hygiene and health. It prevents many illnesses and attracts the family members to the house. It is a source of respect for the family.

"The Prophet (SA) of Allah stated: 'The religion of  Islam is based upon cleanliness'."[94]

"The Prophet (SA) of Allah also stated: 'Islam is immaculate, so you should make efforts for cleanliness because only the clean ones would enter Paradise'."[95]

Always keep your house clean and tidy. Dust it off once a day and remove all stains and dirt from the walls, doors, windows, furniture, and other items. Keep the garbage in a covered dustbin, keep it away from the other rooms, and kitchen. Empty the dustbin regularly. Do not keep the garbage in front of your house. Do not let your children urinate in the garden or the yard, and if they did, wash the place immediately. Dirt is a center for dangerous microbes. Do not pile up dirty dishes. Wash them as soon as possible. Do not forget that deadly germs grow on dirt and can become fatal to you and your family. Wash the dishes with clean water, and afterwards keep them in a clean place. Remove all dirty clothes, especially babies' nappies, from the vicinity of all rooms and kitchen and wash them as soon as possible.

Keep all the family clothes, especially the underwears, clean and tidy. Wash the meat, vegetables and all your food ingredients before cooking. Wash all fruits before eating them because some fruits are sprayed with poisonous substances.

Wash your hands before eating and teach your children to do the same. After food, one should wash one's hands and mouth. If possible one should brush one's teeth after every meal. Brushing one's teeth is essential, at least, once a day, preferably before sleeping at night.

Cut your nails once a week. Long nails are not hygienic, because germs can live under long nails.

Take a bath, at least, once a week, or if possible every other day.

One must remove all hair from under one's armpit as well as other places by shaving or other means. Hidden hair on the body is a suitable place for the growing germs. Do not leave food exposed to flies, because flies are carriers of many dangerous microbes.

The holy religion of Islam strongly recommends people to observe cleanliness.

"Imam Sadiq (AS) stated: 'Almighty Allah likes adornment, being beautiful, and finds the pretention of being poor as distasteful. He likes to see the effects of his blessings upon his worshipper, that is to see him clean, tidy and using scent, to decorate his house, to dust off his house environment, to turn the lights on before sunset -because this deed takes away the poverty from home and increases sustenance.'"[96]

"The Prophet (SA) of Allah stated: ' A dirty person is a bad servant (to Allah)'."[97]

"Imam Ali (AS) stated: 'Keep your house clean of spider's webs, because a spider's web is a cause of poverty'."[98]

"The Prophet (SA) of Allah stated: 'Do not leave the rubbish inside the house at night, because Shaytan (Satan), i.e. pollution and uncleanliness takes its abode there'."[99]

"The Prophet (SA) of Allah also stated: 'One's clothes must always be clean'."[100]

"In addition, the Prophet (SA) of Allah stated: 'Do not leave an oily cloth in the house, because Satan takes its abode there',"[101]

"Imam Sadiq (AS) stated: 'Washing dishes and cleaning around the house increases the sustenance',"[102]

"Imam Sadiq (AS) also stated: 'Do not leave the dishes without a cover, otherwise satan spits at them and uses them',"[103]

"In addition, Imam Sadiq (AS) stated: 'Fruits are sprayed with poisonous substances, so wash them before eating',"[104]

"Imam Kazim (AS) stated: 'Taking a bath every other day would fatten one',"[105]

"The Prophet (SA) of Allah stated: 'Do not leave the rubbish behind the front door of the house because Satan takes its abode there',"[106]

"The Prophet (SA) of Allah also stated: 'If it had not been something inconvenient for my followers, I would have ordered them to brush their teeth with every wudu (ablution) for prayer (i.e., five times a day)',"[107]

"Imam Sadiq (AS) stated: 'Cutting one's nails on Fridays would prevent one from being affected by leprosy, insanity, alopeica and blindness',"[108]

"It has been related that: 'Satan takes his sleep underneath the (long) nails',"[109]

"Imam Ali (AS) stated: 'Washing one's hands, before having meals, would prolong life, prevent one's clothes from becoming dirty and would enlighten one's eyes',"[110]

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